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  • 在我学中文的过程中,这个网站是超级有用的,请介绍一下”套路”这个流行词语

  • David

    Great site but too hard for me. Please try to add these features: 1)karaoke-style highlighting of each word as it's spoken (see the new app "Otter" for an example of this type of thing) 2) Please please offer pinyin versions. Not every Chinese learner is going to learn Chinese characters, nor is that entirely necessary – after all, little Chinese kids can't even read!
    Thank you.


    Do you need it?

  • ryan gandolfo

    English translation for the German seeing Germany from a Taiwanese perspective (xia)

    Although Germans are said to be colder than Taiwanese people, I was still happy to finally return home. First, German buildings are both beautiful and of a high quality. In Taiwan there are quite a few buildings that are pretty mundane due to workers skimping on resources and time constraints. Taiwanese people are also polite to an extreme. For example, Taiwanese servers say 'thank you’ when they bring out your food. If you ask someone on the street for directions, they may also say thank you for pointing you in the direction. I think Taiwanese people’s politeness may have come from the time they were colonized by Japan for 50 years and introduced Japanese culture into Taiwan. At last, When I talk to German government agencies and service centers on the phone, it doesn’t matter whether there are any cultural or language mistakes, speaking in the native tongue allows communication to run smooth.

    Of course Taiwan also has many aspects that I miss dearly such as the great weather. I can usually wear a t-shirt, shorts, and sandals. Germany’s Fall and Winter is quite cold, you must be wrapped up like a zong zi in order to stay warm. Secondly, Taiwan food is both cheap and tasty, and there are many to choose from such as beef noodles, fried bread, nigiri, tofu, soy milk, bean curd, kung pat chicken, etc. Thinking of these dishes makes my mouth start to water. In addition, people who deliver the food are quite friendly making me feel especially warm. Compared to Taiwan, German cooking is still yet to be as developed as China. Regrettably, Although Germans drink more than twice the amount of coffee as Taiwanese people, some German cafes have bad tasting coffee. Taiwanese cafe managers can be very meticulous about coffee bean measurements and equipment quality as well as how to coffee is brewed. At the Frankfurt airport ordering coffee, the barista threw away the coffee filter in the trash and then unexpectedly used that same filter again to brew my coffee. In Taiwan, If a cafe manager saw this kind of service, that barista would be fired very fast.

  • Ben

    I've enjoyed Slow Chinese for years, thanks for all the great work you do!

  • Georg Lohrer

    Thank you very much. I`m learning Mandarin since more than year and at moment I do stay in China for business reasons. Despite all learning with teacher, quizlet (SRS-learning) and ChinesePod, I am overwhelmed by the direct conversation with locals.
    Well, I know that hearing and speaking knowledge develops slowly, but I was missing this more than one sentence stories I can follow directly with my native language German. Regularly I learn with English as base. But to really concentrate it´s much more simple to listen the Chinese, try to understand by myself and then read it on German. It´s more smooth, it´s more clear, without any misunderstandings, although my English is quite well.
    So, you get a new subscriber and my first donation was sent immidiately. Please continue with your great work.

  • camille joannides

    Hi! Slow Chinese team!
    Thank's a lot for this wonderfull web site so important to improve chinese lessons .I improve my mandarin's level every day
    thanks to your site so simple and so effective

  • Giuliano Cacciatori

    I just discoveres your website and is very useful and interesting.
    I'm an intermediate chinese student from Italy.
    I really appreciate your way of selecting subject.
    Slow Chinese has been extremely helpful to me!

    Thank you!

  • Dean

    HI, I was just wondering why your audio is no longer able to be played on itunes podcast. They do not play on my iphone. I get a message that says, "Episode Unavailable. This episode is temporarily unavailable from 'Slow Chinese." They are also unavailable to play on itunes on my computer. They appear, but when you click on them to play or download, nothing happens. Could you please explain and/or correct this. Slow Chinese has been extremely helpful to me! Thank you!

    • Mecca

      I have the same issue!!

    • Matt

      I agree with Dean and Mecca; I experience the same frustrating problem with the podcast audio. Essentially, the Slow-Chinese podcast doesn't work; I too get the error message ""Episode Unavailable. This episode is temporarily unavailable from 'Slow Chinese."" The only place I can manage to get the audio to work is in a laptop/desktop computer web browser. (Doesn't work on my iPhone's web browser.) Would greatly appreciate it if you could get the podcast to work! Thanks much!

      • Ryan

        Did you ever find a workaround? I have tried other podcast apps but i still get the same issue.

    • Danielle

      I also have the same issue and am really sad that I can’t listen to Slow Chinese anymore since the episodes are always unavailable, even ones I’ve listened to in the past.

  • Lucy Gu

    I would like to make a donation to your website for the fantastic work you guys have done for all. But your Paypal link was out of date, I couldn't read their term and conditions, therefore I couldn't make my donation. Would you please sort out this problem. Thanks!

  • Lucy Gu

    I would like to make a donation to your website, but your papal link was out of date, I can read their terms and conditions, therefore I could not get my donation done. Would you please check this issue.

  • Monica


    I purchased #1-100 packet but there's no audio files that came with it. Is there a separate product of audio files that I could purchase for #1-100?

    Thank you,


  • Philip Howson

    Really love this website. If any help is needed with English translations myself and my wife (who is bilingual, originally from 厦门)would be more than happy to help. I notice a few of your articles are missing English translations. Sent you an email as well.

    Keep up the good work


  • Philip Howson

    Really love this website. If any help is needed with English translations myself and my wife (who is bilingual, originally from 厦门)would be more than happy to help.

  • Tiffany Harvey

    This is my go to site for cool and short to read Chinese language articles! Reading interesting articles has helped me improve my reading and listening skills so much. Keep it up! :)

    • 丁楠 Tina
      丁楠 Tina

      thank you Tiffany!

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