Don’t hesitate to share your opinions with us. Only with your criticism and suggestions can 慢速中文 Slow Chinese become great!


  • Lyna

    Thank you, I love your podcasts, it is a very simple and efficient way to learn chinese, and know more about China and chinese culture.
    And also like your voice !

  • 瀟風


  • Sue

    Hi Xinyu Weng,

    Thanks for a great website – I really enjoy using your texts to study Chinese,

    Best wishes,

    Sue X

  • Paul

    I would just like to add that your website has and is helping me a great deal. I have been living in China for 2 and a half years now and have tried many sources for my learning. Your site is by far the most helpful, compacting your articles in such a way gives me great encouragement to, at least, finish what I’ve started without taking half a day translating.

    Transcripts along with the half speed audio is exactly what us learners need, I’m so happy to have found you, long may you help us on our quest to become fluent in such a weird and wonderful language!!

    Thank you so much!!

  • Teodoro Sanantere

    Congratulations for your discrete political job. A lot of that is needed. But I hope you don’t want to see the Chinese in what we call democracy here in the West. Maybe they will find something better for all of us.

    • Hi,
      a friend told me that if china became like the west, the world would be boring. I agree with him, but not because if the whole image is interesting or not, but because of my personal wish that my country can be different and win respect in its own ways. I used to have extreme opinions, but gradually I accept the truth and want to see the changes happen slowly. And they are underway for sure. I hope the leaders change their mind before people take action.

  • david

    I cannot get the audio. Why?

    • Hi,
      There should be no problem,
      how did you tried to get the audio? Tell me more.

  • Robert Budzul


    How about translations of the scripts? I see you’re already charging for pinyin transcripts… you could charge more for the English translations… or just translations of any section that looks a bit tricky would be enough.


  • Tina


    thank you sooo much for this podcast!! It is really great and helpful!! Please go on with your work!!
    I am not in china at the moment and it helps me a lot not to forget everything i learned. The best thing is that it makes a lot of fun!

    Greetings from germany!! :-)

  • Atsuko K


    • 嗨,我会继续更新慢速中文的,久等啦!

  • 三弟

    Amazing!! 真的太好了,man, this is great !!, u should ask for money on the iphone. I know i know there is a donation link…, i may even donate! (never done it before).
    Seriously i think people would 心甘情愿地 pay.

    Nice job n thanks

  • Marc Turcotte


  • Aleksey

    Great job! Makes studying the spoken language real easy and enjoyable. Thank you very much!

  • Dillon

    Hello, I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy your site. It has helped my listening comprehension a lot! I’ve featured it on my own site:

    I hope this will bring you more visitors. Keep up the good work!

  • 张伟


  • Germaine

    Hey, I’m from Singapore and though I already speak basic mandarin, I really enjoy listening to your podcasts! Why have you stopped?!!! :O

    • Yes, I really stopped for a while, and now I'm back.
      I think I just haven't found a sustainable way to run a podcast website besides the studies, but I'll figure it out.

  • Mic

    I love your podcast! Thank you.

    However, the podcast would be even greater if you would please also add the English translation. I’m trying to make sentence-flashcards using sentences from your voice recordings and your Chinese text. However, I’m not really sure if my translation is correct. It would be nice to have yours for double checking. Thanks!

  • Joe

    This is great help for learning Chinese. The audio is great, too. Thank you for making your podcasts!

  • Zhongshan

    Thank you very much for your greatest job! I really love this site, and I’m really sorry there has been no update recently. I hope you resume update soon…

  • 您好,我是澳大利亚人。从去年开始,我学习中文。您的博客对我来说非常有帮助。您讲得很容易听懂,而且也是很有意思的。再说,我很喜欢您介绍了那一些音乐。非常感谢!

  • Shaun

    Hi Weng,

    thank you so much for slow Chinese!! I live in Beijing and find your podcasts and transcripts the perfect thing to listen to and read when learning this language. Thanks again for your hard work and support…


  • cassie

    wonderful!find this website by accident!
    I am also a languagelover ,make friends all over the world,my qq 642272618

  • Marine

    Thank you so much for your website,
    I’m a French student, studying for my orals exams, and it helped me a lot to improve my oral skills !

  • Bob

    @Tony: “Get of the site then” – Is that an order?

    I’m not sure I understand you – perhaps you could explain it to me:

    If I find the material they make here useful, but I complain that there is just not enough of it, then surely you would say “Use the site less often then”.

  • Thanks for such a great and helpful sight!

  • 文迪 (Wendy)


  • Tony

    that was directed to Bob. This site is amazing and im glad you put so much effort into it

  • Tony

    get off the site then

  • Ana

    You’re doing an excellent job, you’ve helped me a lot not to loose completely my Chinese after I left China. Thank you.

  • 1dundun


  • Bob

    The rate of lesson production just keeps slowing. Nothing now since January. Perhaps you should just sell off your podcasts to another Chinese learning site, and pick up some spare change.

  • xianxian

    your pod-cast is very helpful for me to learn mandarin. Xie2

  • Rick O

    Thank you for creating this…I just found your site and will use it to further develop my chinese language skills! I haven’t heard the podcast yet, but the basic sentences are great for practice. RO

  • Xinyu,

    Thanks so much for this great podcast!

    Could you suggest a good book for learning Chinese? (Preferably written only in Chinese, but self-evident enough for beginners). Basically I’m looking for the Chinese equivalent of the wonderful Grammaire Progressive du Francais.


  • I heard about your site from a forum about Go or 圍棋. Here is a link to the forum post about your website. Do you have any recommendations for learning how to build websites and what programs do you use?

  • J

    Thanks for your pod-cast! I enjoy your selection of topics, and your presentation style is excellent. Keep up the good work.

    -a Chinese student

  • 我偶然转到你的博客, 觉得材料满有意思,来表达感谢! 我以前在中国待了几年学会中文了,但因为现在住在爱尔兰所以没很多机会说只能利用网络保持我的国语!像你这种博客非常有用, 谢谢你

  • Ludo

    i am french and need to study chinese; so i am indeed grateful for your contribution, keep it up buddy! it does help

    ps :i try to add u on qq but it doesnt work

    no matter what, have fun and thanks again

  • 迷糊

  • Catherine

    Hey,I’m also an university student in Beijing.I found your website by accident.Coz my major is TCFL,I really like your idea about slow Chinese.And I wanna recommend your website to my foreign friends,and I think it will be really helpful.By the way,I’m a languagelover too.Happy to know U.

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  • yulongtill



  • 迷糊



  • Zebulah

    Thank you so much for providing these podcasts. They’re wonderful for improving my Mandarin. It takes me a while to work my way through each podcast, so I’m glad they don’t come out too often :-)

  • Bob

    Not including the designated reading material, only 4 podcasts have been released in the last 4 months. As I said earlier, its great material, but it just doesn’t come out regularly enough to sustain interest – especially when other sites produce material daily. One other site (which I won’t name) produces material very similar to yours, also at a slow speed, and he (its one person) releases one podcast every day except Sundays. And he doesn’t charge for transcripts.

  • 清平乐


  • Ronnie


  • 瑞弘

    Thanks so much Xinyu for this podcast! It’s a great way to keep up my listening skills in Mandarin. You’ve been a great help, and I hope you are able to keep this up for a long time!

  • Dorina

    Fantastic, Xinyu! Thank you for taking the time to do this! My Chinese language instructor found your site and suggested it to us. I use it in conjunction with (annotation mode) to allow me to read the text of your essay in character and pinyin, as well as get the english translation for each. You might suggest this to your listeners! Cheers

  • Ben

    为了你的努力功夫,我很感谢! 真享受看你的博克

  • David


  • Bob

    I think these podcasts are extremely useful. Which is why I am getting a little frustrated at how infrequently the most recent ones have been coming out – 6 in the last 14 weeks. Is there any chance you will be able to get back to a weekly podcast?

    • Hi Bob,
      I must say sorry for making you wait. I've been a little bit busy recently. I will graduate in a month!
      So in the come months after June I'll update regularly. But a weekly pocast is still hard for me. I can work, say, 3-4 post per month.
      Hope you understand. Many thanks for loving Slow Chinese!

  • Chris

    Xinyu ni hao
    Thank you for your great site. It is amazingly helpful for my vocabulary and listening skills all in one especially as the sections are now on my mp3 player. And I am learning so much about China in the process. New vocab has never been this painless or interesting.
    Warm regards
    New Zealand

  • Hi Xinyu,

    you are awesome! your podcast blog is awesome too! :) Although I’m on the beginning of my way of studying chinese, I listen your podcasts every time I can.

    By the way, I have a similar blog, but for spanish speaking people who study russian. Cause I’m russian and now live in Madrid. I was thinking about the podcasts for my blog and will do it as soon as possible.

    Thank you so much for have been created this awesome blog! :)


    • Hi Dasha,
      good for you! It will be a new exciting and challenging start for you.
      Have fun with your Slow Russian! Share your thoughts with me.

  • Eva

    你好,你的网站做的真好,如果从一个想学习汉语的外国人的角度来说,使用很方便。不过我是一个想学习好英语的人,像你一样我也喜欢学习语言,目前想练习好口语,但是申请了雅虎的YM却找不到native speaker来做练习,所以想在你的网站文章后面留言写上我的雅虎YM的ID,通过这样的方式找到想学习汉语的人士,我们互相帮助,互相学习。同时也给你提出一个建议,能否建立一种联系的方式,让想练习英语口语和想练习汉语口语的人通过你的网站互相认识,一起学习呢。

    • Eva你好,

  • Anna


    • Anna你好,

  • Val

    Oh, man! Your stuff rocks!

    Thank you so much for doing this great job. I’ve been looking for something like this for a while and just found your website last week. I’ll be certainly spending some time here…

    Thanks again!
    Greetings from Shenzhen.


  • Michele

    first of all congratulations for your fantastic podcasts and excellent transcripts! that is a really useful website that I will recommend to all my friends studying chinese!

    If I may, only one one comment: at the end of each podcast there are about 20seconds with your introduction to your website, leave comments etc…that is useful to know. However, as you know, we listen to your podcast several times each (so we can learn better) and sometimes, listening to those 20seconds so many times, may be distracting from the learning because a) we already heard it before and b) is in English.
    So, if possible, you could take this recording out and put the information on the transcripts, so that people know anyway, but don’t have to listen to it over and over again.
    what do you think?

    Other than that, I think it is one of the best websire. Keep up the good work!

    • Eva

      Hello Michele,
      I am an asistant electrical engineer in Xian City, Shannxi Province。I can speake standard chinese with you and your friends who want to study chinese,and help you with your Chinese.Meanwhile,I want to improve my oral English.So,could we help each other study well? please contact me if you received this message.
      My email and Yahoo YM ID is:


    • Hi Michele,
      thanks for your advice, I can consider it. Instead of totally remove it, I think I want to record a shorter version of my introduction, and maybe is it better to use Chinese?

  • 孔马修




  • Jonathan

    Aloha Xinyu,

    I have been using your website for some time now, and just wanted to drop in and say thank you for the fantastic resource you have created! Your articles are interesting to read and even though I must learn lots of new vocabulary, they are not so difficult that I feel like giving up. It is clear that you have put a lot of time and effort into creating this professional resource! Thank you very much!


  • Kees

    Hello Xinyu,

    First thank for youre fine education work, i want to learn a lot from you, i just want to know at youre site lesson 20 is the pdf file not oke? i only see 21?

    Thanks a lot.


    • Kees

      Hello Xinyu

      Thanks for youre replay, I found the pdf and go on with the study, thamks a lot for learning me Chinese!!!


  • 小朱

    Thank you so much ! your podcast is great and helps me a lot with my studies. 非常感谢你对我们中文爱好者准备的这个播客!!
    Can I ask you for something which would develop your subject on education in China? i would be more interested in higher education in China, and ur opinion about it maybe? i consider to take a course in your country so 请谈谈你对中国大学教育的看法。I would be very very grateful!!!
    all the best

    • 小朱你好,

  • 迟和山 (Sascha)


    我在北京留学。谢谢你的slow chinese。真的很有用,我希望课文书的问题那么有意思,生词也那么有用。今后我经常会你的pod。

    Greetings from 五道口


  • Richard Boyechko

    Hi Xinyu,

    I discovered your podcast and website last week through and have been avidly listening ever since then. Thank you so much! This is definitely something I’ve been looking for — interesting topics spoken about in clear, slow Chinese. Having transcripts for each episode is tremendously helpful as well.


  • Hi Xinyu,

    This is just great! Found your site only today and it is exactly what I was looking for. I’m SO glad I found you. Now, no excuse for my Chinese not improving. Ha ha. Last month, I had to give a technical presentation to a large group of Chinese executives in Dongguan and I found out how bad my Chinese really is… sigh. And my boss who was with me speaks perfect Mandarin!

    I resolved to improve my Chinese so when I got back I started a blog – “Lost in Chinese / Found in Translation” to narrate my learning experience and to share with others in the same boat. Take a look if you can and I shall be grateful for any feedback. In my last post I wrote人在江湖, 身不由己 but it is how we response to it that determines who we are, right?

    Once again, a big “thank you” and keep up the good work!

    Jimmy Chang

  • 菲利普


    你的网站是非常非常好! 很有意思!
    别的网站叫slowchinese.com是不好意思, 他们的棵错了。
    希望人不去别的网站, 因为它的名字将近一样。



    • 菲利普你好,

  • 老毕

    你好兄弟。。。 我有一个想法要给你说。我想你勘定会写一个非常有意思的blog 关于饭店的菜单。 很多饭店有他们自己变得菜名。我看菜单点菜还是很大问题对我来说。

    I bet my Chinese above is not very clear, so let me write a bit more in English; I could really use your help learning characters for different foods and for some of the often interesting names for dishes found on menus in Chinese restaurants. I bet with your writing and storytelling skills you could come up with more than one fun and informative podcast on this topic.


    • Oh yes, great idea, I appreciate it!
      Although for me, to fully understand a menu in a chinese restaurant is never possible, because as you said, they come up with their own names for different dishes, but I think I'll make a podcast to explain commenly seen names and maybe generally some tipps for deciding what to choose.

  • 弗拉德



    • 叫你老弗?

  • xinyu
    I think your news letter is wonderful. Please keep up the great effort.
    I strongly believe that every one should give what they have for the benefit of all.
    Even me :)
    you are a hero
    From Robert

    oh…one thing
    Could you make the font size in the news letter aliitle bigger
    Us foreigners are not as used to the characters as your own country men. And it really slows us (me) down when I am reading

    • hi Robert,
      thanks very much for your support! I'm doing Slow Chinese for free because I think it worth the effort, people get to know Chinese better and I myself learn a lot from working on it, the feeling of giving makes me happy. Sorry about the newsletter thing, I noticed your comment soon after I sent out the recent Newsletter, I'll change the font bigger next time.

  • 你好Xinyu: 我只要说我觉得你的 podcasts 非常好。 你的写法太有意思。你的声音很好听。你的故事太逗了。你念得速度是just right.
    I’ve listened and studied four of your podcast so far and they’re very professional. And you’re doing this all on your own?

    My big question is why is your work so much better than other sites? I’m thinking specifically of one Chinese learning site that is an institution named after 孔子, which is impossibly bad!


    Thanks again.


    • 老毕你好,




  • Gavin Banks

    I just want to say thank for for making such a great site. It is helping to improve my Chinese a lot.

    Keep up the good work.

  • 你好Xinyu: 谢谢你的鼓励和夸张。在你的领导下我的中文勘定会有进步。

    When I looked a second time, I couldn’t find the link on your site for Mandarin Spot which is really helpful in providing pinyin annotations for each character in your stories.

    I thought your other listeners might find it useful. It’s at this link: . Along with pinyin, this automated site can also give you a translated list of the characters in Xinyu’s stories.


  • Xinyu哥们,你的网站是太好,谢谢你的努力。非常感谢!
    See… it took me such a long time to write those few words above and I know many are wrong. I found the link you provided to Mandarin Spot, another great free resource,was also incredibly helpful converting the characters into to pinyin. Slow-Chinese and Mandarin Spot what great learning tools.
    Xinyu 我怎么帮你的忙?

    • 老毕你好,



  • Wenlong

    我叫文龙是俄国人。你的podcast真挺好的也可以说很好听的,我真的能享受 谢谢!虎年吉祥!

  • Hello Xinyu

    Thank you very much for making this site, it looks great. I will be using it to try to get my poor Chinese back into shape.

    One question -why is the site in traditional characters if you are based in Beijing? Why not write in simplified characters?

    All the best


    • Hi sendaiben,

      happy Chinese New Year!
      the problem you described that only traditional Chinese characters are shown appears to be the problem of your browser's setting or your OS' language figuration, I type in simplified Chinese and nobody else seem to have the same problem as you do. Change the language coding of your browser to Unicode may solve this problem.
      Have a nice day!

      March,6 2010

  • Ty Hism

    You podcast is great! Keep up with your great work and thank you for promoting our language and culture to the world.

  • Hi Xinyu

    I was always amused by Chinese language from my childhood. And finally I got some opportunity to learn it. I think you doing very nice work. Thanks.

    Can you please make lessons for newcomers like me also. For me even first lesson too complex :(.

    My dream is interactive reality to learn any language.
    Imagine you travel through country(in company of local attractive girl f.e.) and surrounded people who has only one task – to help you learn language. So this virtual people start talking to you with sign language pronouncing very clearly words and showing Chinese letters at the same time. You walking in virtual city and listen to people. They speak adapted language so u can pick up few more words, as more you spent in this reality as complicated their speech. Total immersion in virtual China as advanced level.

    Why people making 1000 brainless shooters instead of one nice useful project?

    Just my dream. But it can be partly implemented with video lessons.
    Btw I’m software developer. If you need any help let me know.

    Thanks alot.


    • Hi SJ,

      apology for my late reply. You are very intelligent and your idea sounds very appealing to me, it's really a revolutionary new concept of learning a foreign language. I'll be very excited to witness or even be a part of your wonderful project, if you realize it someday in the near future.
      I am, for the present time, only a college student, and have a great amount of school works at hand, I'm afraid now I can't make such a podcast for beginners. And I believe there are a number of such materials on the Internet. In fact, as many of Slow Chinese listeners, like you, expect me to do a such beginner podcast, it is not impossible for me to do it, only I need to find time and prepare both the lessens and myself.
      By the way, are you familiar with php + MySQL and wordpress? I want you to help add a small function to Slow Chinese, I will pay for your work!

      Yours, Xinyu
      March,6 2010

  • 美猴王



  • Jessica


  • ZZ

    nice job man!

  • Rita Kong

    Respect to you, matey! What a wonderful site you’ve created. I’m learning so much and it’s all FREE … Keep up the good work and I shall be checking in every day.

    • Hi Rita,

      thanks very much. Actually you don't need to check in here everyday, simply subscribe my Newsletter or subscribe my podcast in itunes store, and you'll be informed of the latest update, either a new episode or newly added material in library. Have a good day!

      March,6 2010

  • Thank you for your fantastic podcast. “Slow Chinese” is becoming more and more my primary source of texts with audio, because the texts are interesting and I am able to increase my vocab knowledge a lot.
    Hans-Peter from Germany

  • jared

    thank you!

  • Doug

    Thank you so much for such a great resource!!! This is fantastic!

  • Indga

    Xinyu Weng, you’re a lifesaver. Thanks, man!

  • John B

    Hi XinYu,
    Ditto from me on all the good comments. I have been learning Chinese for about 18 months now, and I find your texts great for practicing dictation, as you speak very clearly.

    While studying for the Intermediate HSK I have had a lot of difficulty with the listening comprehension part, mainly because they use a lot of expressions that one cannot find in the type of text material you are using. Any suggestions on how I may improve this skill of conversational Chinese? Are there any novels, short stories, etc, that may help?

  • Matt

    Great site! 太有用了!! 谢谢. 辛苦你了。

    I create pinyin ( and English versions (using Google Translate) and add to my iPod lyrics. It helps a lot. It would be great if you could make this a standard feature.


    • Hi thanks,
      I hope I can add the function of adding pinyin to the text. I'm trying~

  • Carley

    I just found your website through Chinese Pod. You are a Chinese learner’s dream come true! You speak so clearly, and at a reasonable speed. Thank you for putting up this site.

    Is it possible to download the pdf files in just plain text? I would like to manipulate the text, making it larger for easy reading, changing the font, and cutting it up for vocabulary and grammar flashcards.


    • Hi, do you mean the font in PDF too small to read? If you want to use the article in plain text, please just copy and paste from the webpage. To enlarge the font in your browser you can hold Ctrl and scroll up. I've working on adding Pinyin recently.
      Thanks for your support!

      • Carley

        Yes, Xinyu, I saw that your text was copy/paste-able right after I posted. I do have to make that font quite large for my poor eyes. I print out your text with plenty of space in between the lines to write in pinyin marks for characters that are new to me.

        Again, Thank you for providing this material to study Chinese!

  • 馬孜


  • T

    Thanks for your great website, I find it really useful.
    I’ve been having problems with downloading the content lately though on iTunes. It says that I need to check the link.. while I’ve been downloading without any problems in the past. You have any idea what the problem could be?

    • Hi,
      please tell me the name of the audio file, so that I can check the problem.
      Or you just can't download any of them now?


      • T

        Thanks for the fast reply.
        I first thought that I just couldn’t download nr. 32, but I just found out I can’t download any of the files. I tried it on itunes on another PC and when trying to download it says that the url isn’t correct and that I should check if it’s the correct url or not. I copied the url it’s using: is that the correct one? I’ve tried it both through the site and through iStore self.

        Best regards,

        PS. I can download other podcasts without problems

        • Hi,
          it's true, you were right, there was something wrong with my feed, which caused dead link to podcast-downloading in iTunes. Thank you veeeeeeery much for telling me the problem! I've checked it carefully, validated the feed again and it's gonna work now! Problem solved! Enjoy yourself here!

          • T

            No thanks man :) Was glad to let you know and I am really happy that I can finally download new eps again! Will definitely enjoy them.

  • M. Ganz

    Great Website!! Thank you so much. In addition to Hanzi, I translate your texts into Pinyin and English and include them as lyrics in my iTunes. If you could do this, it would make the site even more user-friendly.

    Thanks again and 辛苦你啦!


    • Hi,
      glad you love my work!
      I'm still working on the function you said, adding Pinyin and translation to the text. But I will only add them to the website if I find the right plugin. The mp3 has already chinese transcript as lyrics, and adding more content to the mp3 will make it slow to load and not comfortable to read.
      Wish you make more progress!

  • Christian

    Fantastic work, what a fantastic blog. I do not only love the insights of China I get out of your texts, but it really helps me build my vocabulary. Thank you so much!!!

    Have great x-mas!

  • Carl

    Keep up the fantastic work! What a great podcast. Simple, but effective for helping build listening skills. :D

  • 亲爱的昕煜, your website 慢速中文 is great! Thank you very much for your wonderful work! Please keep going! Greetings from Lugano, Switzerland

  • This is a very useful resource… a bit beyond me at present, tho it is great for increasing vocab, also realising how native chinese speakers pronounce a string of words. Thankyou! …. and its interesting….

  • chopsticks

    Hi, congratulation for your website! It’s really useful! Great job!!!
    Do you know this one? It’s a point of reference!!!
    Maybe it will be good for your library

    Thank you!

    • Hi, it's so nice of you to recommend me another website with plenty of chinese-learning resources. Actually there're so many good websites that I haven't discovered and dont' have enough time to visit, and I myself can learn a lot about China and Chinese through those Websites. Thanks!

  • Diego

    Hi, xinyu, thanks very mucho for your effort, and regards from Spain. I was wondering if you can introduce us something about the enviromental protection in China, thanks once again. I like very much your podcast in itune!!!!

    • It's a good idea, since one of the biggest issue China faces today is the environmental problem. I'll think about it! Thanks!

  • 我真的很喜欢这个网站。 我觉得我的听力和理解的最大挑战。Your website is outstanding for developing listening and understand skills.

    • 最大的挑战?呵呵,这说明我写的东西有点难是吧。我觉得很重要的是,我完全按照中国人的表达方式来写文章。谢谢你喜欢慢速中文,希望你进步!

  • Dan

    Congratulations on the website design and nice features. It will be helpful to me while trying to learn.

    • Thanks Dan, please come here frequently and any of your suggestion is welcome!

  • bluebluetime

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    Keep up the good work! Thank you!!

    • Thanks for loving Slow Chinese, I'm glad that it's helpful for your job, please keep supporting me! I will keep coming up with new cool posts.

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