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  • Monica


    想请问一下 #1-100 有没有练习题?我们买了 #1-100, 发现后面都没有练习题,是要另外买吗?




    I purchased #1-100 and noticed that there are no comprehension questions at the end of these articles. Is this a separate product that need to be purchased or were these never developed?

    Thank you,


    • 丁楠 Tina
      丁楠 Tina


  • Hi there, just came across your site while surfing the net for my favourite subject: Dogs and dog sports. I liked your site very much and wish you all the best, greetings from France!

    Horst Narwutsch

  • James

    Thank you so much XinYu and all the team for these incredible podcasts!

  • Philip Howson

    This website is really amazing, an excellent learning resource. I have a number of "graded reader" books, with a similar idea of a short story / article and an reading to accompany it, but it's great to have this as a free resource on line!

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    • Carmel James

      我认为这是一个很棒的建议。 我也很感兴趣手写。
      我特别想学习阅读和写"running writing"。

  • Carmel James

    在台湾,今天是鬼月节!你能写一篇关于这个的文章吗? 看起来很有趣!

    • 丁楠 Tina
      丁楠 Tina

      好的 我们会试试的。谢谢你的建议:)祝好

  • Hi. Initially I got excited when stumbling upon a link to this website, but when trying out a few of your podcasts, my enthusiasm quickly disappeared. Why? Because the podcasts are basically meaningless to learners like me as the readings are all in Chinese characters. What a pity you didn't also have versions thereof in PinYin and a third one in English. I am quite convinced that currently most foreign learners would never read nor write Chinese characters as many of us are not any longer at those younger ages where language learning is just a breeze. But I can understand that such a undertaking would be too troublesome as you are doing this voluntarily. So, sadly, a potentially great website became a great disappointment. Good luck to those who would benefit from the current format!

    • Carmel James

      Hey Johan, really that is not a problem. There are so many web sites where you can copy and paste Chinese characters and get the pinyin and every other language as well. These people at slowChinese are volunteers. They give away their work for free!! Each and every article is a fascinating look into a beautiful world! So easy to make up all your own study notes, 真的!! :-)

    • Philip Howson

      You can actually just copy paste the characters in to Google Translate and it shows you the pin yin beneath, that's probably the most convenient way. There are loads of other websites, but that's the best known one, and it has a smartphone app as well.

      I would also say that while many learners aren't interested in characters, a surprisingly high number are (including myself), especially with the increasing need to interact with many people and businesses on the mainland using websites, smartphone apps etc.

  • Tami

    What a great podcast. Perfect for Chinese learners that are beyond beginners level and need some patience in speed of spoken language. Thanks!

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  • infiity13

    Hi! I just found out about this website while looking for material to improve my Chinese language skills (especially listening)!
    As I see, there are volunteers that translate into some other languages but not in Greek.I would be really interested in translating your content into Greek if this is okay with you!
    Thank you in advance!

    • 丁楠 Tina
      丁楠 Tina

      Hi there, thanks for checking out our website. If you have interest translating our articles, please contact us through

  • infiity13

    Hi! I just found your site after searching for material to improve my Chinese language skills and especially the listening part.
    I would be really interested in translating your content into Greek, if this is okay with you!

  • elizabeth yew

    In linguistics, a calque /ˈkælk/ or loan translation is a word or phrase borrowed from another language by literal, word-for-word (Latin: "verbum pro verbo") or root-for-root translation. ex.: 哑铃 dumbbell (weight), 冰岛Bīngdǎo Iceland 抗体 antibody 闪卡shǎnkǎflashcard
    热狗Hot dog
    蜜月 honeymoon

  • Min

    Thank you very much for these podcasts. I use them to learn more words at my own pace. I find that the recordings are very interesting and I always look forward to a new podcast. My chinese has definitely been progressing well since finding this website. This is easily one of the most comprehensive, easy to use websites for learning Mandarin. Keep it up!

    Thank you so much!

  • was her! thank you

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  • Tsulu

    Thank you very much for the great podcasts. I use to listen to the podcast every day. However, the man's soothing and easy listening voice changed to a woman's voice. Why do you not have a mix? I like to hear both? Moreover, listening to only a woman's voice has made my male friends sound more and more like women. Please consider doing both from time to time.

  • Carmel James

    # 183: Wei dad and his "dad lab"
    In Hangzhou, China, there is such a father, his name is Wei Wenfeng, we call him "Wei Dad". Wei dad used to work in a laboratory where he tested and evaluated chemicals. At that time his income was high. In Chinese schools, many teachers asked the children to cover their textbooks and gave them the covers. These are usually made of plastic or paper.

    In 2015, Wei dad found her daughter's book covers had a pungent smell. So, he tested them at his own expense and found that the covers contained a lot of toxic substances. He turned this matter into a documentary, and also wrote an article which he posted on the Internet. Soon, many people were forwarding his article and the media began to pay attention. A year later, people got book covers from shops and had them tested and found that most of them were satisfactory.
    Since the discovery of the toxic book covers, Wei father began to consciously look for a variety of toxic products on the market. Thinking of so many children using toxic and unsafe products, Wei father resigned from his high income job and set up a "dad lab." He used his own money to buy a variety of products for testing and found a variety of toxic and harmful products as well as safe ones. He made his findings public. Wei Dad's laboratory tested utensils, food, stationery, toys and a variety of daily necessities and found a lot of toxic and harmful products. Wei dad also went to schools across the country, testing the artificial sufaces in the playgrounds and sports fields. He found that many schools had used substandard materials. Through the efforts of him and parents, many of those schools have finally removed the substandard surfaces.
    Wei Dad's story touched a lot of parents. Many people have made donations to him to express their thanks and support. Dad's fame is growing, and has attracted the attention of the public sector. There are a lot of public service agencies that have given him awards. There are many television and radio stations, and newspapers that have interviewed him. However, for Wei dad, the most important thing is to continue to stand up to the toxic products and protect people's rights to use safe products.

  • 创统


  • Todd L.

    This is a wonderful resource. The topics are very relevant and engaging. I not only practice my Chinese skills, I also learn interesting cultural and historical information.

    The length of each article is perfect , long enough to communicate the information , yet not too long as to become tedious and overwhelming. I strongly advocate that textbook publishers look at your lessons as models for developing new materials.

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  • Monica

    您好!我想帮我学区的中文老师们买 Slow Chinese 所有的 learning/pinyin packages。有办法让我一口气帮所有人买全部的 learning/pinyin packages吗?目前好像只能一个一个 package 的买。我该怎么联系贵公司呢? 谢谢!

    • 丁楠 Tina
      丁楠 Tina

      谢谢您的留言,很遗憾您只能每次给一个邮箱的客户买所有的 packges,然后重复下单。如果有任何疑问可以通过 联系我们:)

  • Monica

    Hi there! I would love to purchase Slow Chinese packages for all of the Chinese teachers within my district and was wondering how I go about doing a bulk purchase. I'm not seeing a phone number that I could call. Thank you!

  • Cornelia

    I was completely flabbergasted when I discovered this website. I have been searching for such a resource for months! Thank you all so much for your incredible work!! <3
    And P.S. I love the language category. So many interesting topics!~~

  • Michael Shen Mai

    I am just listening to #33, 蚁族 by 昕煜 Xinyu, 好棒! Quite touching and quite fascinating look at this underclass of people. There is some weird vocabulary, such as 他们在城市的边缘形成一个个“聚居村”, which is something like, "They are forming living villages at the fringes of every city."
    昕煜, I like your reading voice, very nice!
    Question: There is another comment under the podcast, but I didn't see how I could leave this comment there…?
    xiexie, I will write to you again!

    • 丁楠 Tina
      丁楠 Tina

      Thank you:))

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  • Carmel James

    So pleased to see you back online.
    I've just started a small monthly contribution because I really am enjoying studying your articles and I appreciate your efforts.
    best wishes.

    • 丁楠 Tina
      丁楠 Tina

      Thank you so much Carmel. It means a lot to us:)

  • Gregory Levine

    Thanks for all the effort. I would love to purchase the English translation to #86. Is it available?

    • Carmel James

      I'll have a look at that article and see if I can translate it. Maybe someone else might try it too. This is such a good web site. So good to have them back after the recent technical problems.

    • Carmel James

      Here is my translation to #86. I have read all of Peter Hessler's books and enjoyed them very much.

      He Wei and His Chinese Technology.
      Chinese people often call foreigners "old outsider". I think this is a very interesting word. "Old" means cordial, like "Old Li", "Old Wang" ; but, the word "outside" reflects a sense of distance. This sense of distance comes from language, culture and way of thinking. However, no matter what kind of barrier, there is a way around it, this is affection.

      There is a "foreigner", who, more than many Chinese people, understands China. He is the American Peter Hessler, He Wei. Out of curiosity for China, in 1996, He Wei came to a small town in Sichuan – Fuling – to teach English. At first, he was not used to life there. Because Fuling, and his hometown in the United States, are very different. The environment there was noisy, and the relationship between people was not the same, especially the relationship between colleagues. But slowly, he tried to make friends with the locals, got into their lives, and understood their real thoughts. So he wrote this story called “River Town", as a memorial to these days.

      After leaving Fuling, He Wei worked in Beijing. Because of his work, he began to more fully understand China. He developed an interest in the Oracle bones. He interviewed archaeologists and linguists. In this process, he heard about a man – Chen Meng Jia. He was a scientist who was persecuted in the Cultural Revolution. This story is very touching, He Wei wrote it down. At the same time, He Wei and some of his previous students maintained contact. In the context of China's rapid economic development, young people in the west left their hometowns and came to the eastern coastal cities to find opportunities. On the one hand, their lives became better; but on the other hand, they're far from home, trying to integrate into the local community. In Beijing, He Wei met a Uyghur friend, called Borat. He didn't like the domestic environment, and did everything possible to emigrate to the United States. Once arriving in the United States, he was still unhappy and very disappointed, and finally found work in a native Chinese restaurant. He Wei put these ordinary but typical stories into his second book “The Oracle Bones".

      After that, He Wei got a Chinese driver's license and started an adventure story on the highway. China's urbanization and industrialization have had a particularly large impact on rural areas. There are some places that have kept up with the development of society; there are some places that have been forgotten. Some people choose to stay in the countryside, and changed themselves to adapt to change around them; while others choose to leave the countryside and go to the city to find opportunities. He Wei drove back and forth in China's rural and urban areas, the Southern area and the North. His careful observations are summed up in the book “Country Driving".

      He Wei's books have no strong prejudice, and are full of understanding and tolerance. Even when Chinese people read his books, they are surprised and moved. If you want to know more about China, He Wei's Chinese trilogy is worth a look.

      • 丁楠 Tina
        丁楠 Tina

        Thanks Carmel, I've already put it in # 86:)

        • Carmel James

          Hi Tina, I just noticed a mistake in the heading! It is supposed to read He Wei and His Chinese Trilogy.

  • xiang

    Hi, Why did 'slow-chinese' stop working? I am puzzled…Best, Xiang

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  • Ivan Camargo

    Olá! Gostaria de parabenizar pelo trabalho de vocês, estarei iniciando meu curso em fevereiro e acredito que vai ser de grande importância os podcast, estou muito feliz por ter encontrado um material de boa qualidade, sendo uma equipe tão jovem parabéns novamente. Obrigada

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      丁楠 Tina


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    This website is amazing! Thank you so much. I will be very happy to help with portuguese translations if necessary. Stephani from Brazil.

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  • Will C

    Thanks so much for your dedication to this! I am always trying to improve my Chinese and 慢速中文 has been a huge help with that. I am still working my way through all of the podcasts and enjoy listening to them on my way to work.

    One suggestion I have for other students is to download pleco and use the clipboard feature while listening to podcasts. You can past the description and translate as needed throughout the podcast. Hope that helps! 加油!

    • Carmel James

      Great suggestion Will C. Thank you!

      I too enjoy these podcasts very much. So grateful to the team :)

    • 丁楠 Tina
      丁楠 Tina

      Thank you for your feedback!

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    Thank you for this wonderful resource. I am just now starting through your podcasts but am certain that I will return again and again.

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    Am i crazy, or your "yin" pronunciation sounds a lot like "ying"? Sometimes i have trouble hearing the difference when you speak. Love your site by the way, it's so helpful to me.

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  • kojima

    센카쿠 열도 는 일본

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    As a high school teacher in Australia, I found your resource are wonderful. Love your work and hope to see more great postings.

  • Hello Chinese-friends,

    I have just detected this blog and I am absolutely amazed about the work done here. The listenings are very helpful and I hope make it through all of them. Please, keep up the good work!

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    I am looking for some foreigner english teacher, our school will provider accommodation and visa for yourself ,even for your family member . And salary according to your experience if you are interest on it, u can contact me " "
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    Browsing the net for useful learning resources and came across your site! Really useful and interesting reading/listening materials for Chinese learners. As others have mentioned, it would be great if there's a version for younger/beginner learner, will be really popular!

    Looking forward to the next article!

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    I forgot to say, many thanks for your wonderful website.

  • Barbara meyer

    I too have missed the English translations, so I am submitting one of my own:

    Beijing has a lot of alleyways and in between these alleyways there are big and small dwellings. In between these dwellings are lots of “四合院”. What are known as siheyuans have in fact to the east, south, west north, on all sides, other houses and in between these houses are courtyard walls joining them together to form a compound. These days in Beijing, even though lots of high rise buildings are appearing, in the old town this kind of old style of residence is, to a certain extent, being preserved.

    The siheyuan is Beijing’s traditional residential form. Usually siheyuans are orientated to the south, with the north rooms facing the sun. South facing siheyuans can enjoy plenty of sunshine. On this northern side of the courtyard the row of rooms facing south are called the main building. In front of the main building, on both sides facing each other, are side rooms. Both these east and west wings have two rooms, while on the opposite southern side facing north are three rooms, called by old-time Beijing residents “倒座儿” or the north-facing room opposite the master’s.

    Formerly, a household was frequently comprised of several generations living together. Residing in the same house was not convenient, with too close contact. The siheyuan was a satisfactory solution to the needs of this multi-generational family structure. Generally speaking, the principal room was lofty, comfortable and well lit. This was the dwelling of the elders. The east and west side wings were for the sons and the rooms on the south were often the study or the living rooms. Usually the courtyard was closed in with buildings. Thus, in the midst of buildings joined yet separate, was a very suitable way for large households to live together.

    The scale of these siheyans is both big and small. For the small-scale siheyuans the layout was simple, three of four sides of building around only one courtyard, eg. Lu Xun’s former Beijing residence. There are many of this kind of small-scale siheyuan in Beijing, mostly lived in by“普通老百姓”(the old one hundred names or traditional Chinese families)。

    There are also relatively good quality, large scale and medium scale siheyuans. The large scale ones are beginning to be the homes of rich families. The biggest siheyuans in Beijing are the imperial palaces of the Ming Qing dynasties. These palaces are of a large scale, covering a large area and built to a high standard of quality. Many have been preserved to the present day.

    Formerly, siheyuans were mostly for one family but with the expanding population, lately one siheyuan often houses many families. Although they are crowded and chaotic, they encourage the interconnectedness of the people living in them. Some people think that siheyuans can create a harmonious atmosphere between neighbours, giving them a sense of security and intimacy at a time when multi-storey apartment blocks cause relationships between people and between families to be indifferent and alienated. For this reason, architects are designing imitation siheyuan style buildings, eg. in the Philippines are “4 households, one courtyard” houses, and in Copenhagen they are building group housing, etc. All these are considered satisfying to the need for people to interact with other people.

    • Carmel James

      Thanks for this Barbara!

      I agree, this is a great web site, I really appreciate the effort the authors make and the quality of each essay.

  • David

    Why are there no English translations for the last three articles?

  • Teacher David

    I hope you will start providing English translations with your articles again. I can not read Russian, French, German etc. so the website is beginning to lose its appeal.

    • Carmel James

      Hi Teacher David. I'm surprised too, that there is no English translation. I'm thinking of submitting one! I use dot com to translate the Chinese, and xiaoma dot info to check words. And then, when I'm still stuck, I put the other translations into to see how they look. I feel it is a better learning it this way then just being given the answer! By the time I've been through the article in this detail, I feel I can hear it really well.

  • Tariq 谭瑞克

    你好! 自从发现慢速中文我的听力阅读水平提高了而关于中国的文化和历史学习很多。从屌丝到唐人街每部集非常有意思。在伦敦每天坐地铁去和来办公室慢速中文听到了就每部新集在手机到了让我很快乐。不但它提高我的听力和阅读水平而且给我和华人谈资。你们让我的生活丰富。谢谢!

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    Hi guys! Thank you so much for your amazing job.
    The choice of topics is very interesting and I find incredibly useful your 材料.
    Un grande abbraccio dall'Italia = 来自意大利大大的拥抱

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    Hi I really love your website. I have only just began the long road to learn your beautiful language. I wanted to write a birthday card for my wife but I am having trouble with an authentic translation of her name can anyone help me please? Her name is Angela. Thanks for any help in advance.

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    Maybe my speaking is not great, but I am sure between foreigners (also can say: people) it's more about being understood. The honourable way of listening I mean.


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    Great resource and thanks for making it available. Please could you add an indication of the difficulty of each article. Personally, I would welcome some very simple texts, maybe HSK-2 level.

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    I'm really grateful to the people who came up with the idea of slow Chinese, planned it, provided resources, produced and published the content.
    I've been learning Chinese for years but somehow I still cannot cope with normal speed Chinese. Can't tell you how much I've improved my Chinese and learnt about Chinese culture at the same time! For me, It's been a great confidence booster!
    Hats off to all the team! 你们辛苦了!

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    We will offer $300 commission fee for each candidate you recommended to us who successfully reach to China.
    If you have any question, pls. contact me by or call me at 402 470 1335, Lin.



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    Great content and great functionality with both the player and the availability to download the audio/podcasts.

    I also recognize and appreciate the time effort and care going into preparing these stories, well done!

    One, question on how to get started. I don't know which stories to start with and need stories for reading and listening according to my level which is fairly basic somewhere between HSK 3 and 4. Which level are these stories written to and how can I tell which one is right for me?

    p.s. the font on the comment box is way too small! :)

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  • My boyfriend is from China, but speaks perfect English so I am way too lazy to speak Chinese with him. He has been on my case to improve my Mandarin, but I was completely o

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    BTW How about doing an article about China's Ghost Towns? I'd love to read about that.

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    Really enjoy the podcast. Would like to know if you plan to add English transcripts to #1-117 podcasts?
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  • Hi yodrack, I would like to recommend for learning Chinese. There are 420 lessons that all build on each other. Can't recommend it highly enough. I'm up to lesson 389! Can't believe how much it has helped me, but it takes a few years. Don't forget to find talking buddies on the Internet too! So important.

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    I am a beginner in learning mandarin, I tried some podcasts from the latest in the list but it is to fast for me.
    Could you recommend some podcast for beginners.

    Do you have any french translation ?

    • Carmel James

      Hi Yodrack. I have just spent a few years working through ChineseOnline dot com. I really enjoyed their lessons, and they have brought me to this level.

      • Carmel James

        That web site was supposed to say There are about 420 lessons that all build on each other. And heaps of activities to reinforce the new words in each lesson.

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    Always follow your heart.

  • Scott

    Hello. The podcast is really, really great. I am learning Mandarin 5 hours a week with a tutor and the only part of my studies that was missing was listening. There are not really a lot of good resources on-line. Glad I found you. I'm going on an adventure to the eastern part of China in July so if you get this please let me know as i'd like to ask you a few questions. Thank you!

    • Hi Scott, we're glad you find Slow Chinese useful. We feel our hard work has paid off by hearing you saying that. Please do write to us whenever you have any questions. Or you can simply leave comment. We'll reply as soon as we see it.

  • Anna

    Hi! I love this website. My boyfriend is from China, but speaks perfect English so I am way too lazy to speak Chinese with him. He has been on my case to improve my Mandarin, but I was completely overwhelmed by the speed of normal Chinese radio shows and tv programs. What a cool idea. I hope you keep it up and that someday, my Mandarin will be good enough that I can be brought home to meet his scary Chinese "tiger mom". Wish me luck!

    • 希茜 Xixi

      Hi Anna! It's really interesting to read your story. Hope Slow Chinese could help you learn Chinese. Please feel free to ask questions if there's any. And good luck with meeting your boyfriend's "tiger mom". Just relax, i'm sure she'll like you when she hears you speak Chinese :D

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